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Miami Puppy Training Articles

Remember the importance of carrying out your due diligence when researching anything online as well as getting dog or puppy training advice in real life.

Everyone has their own opinion on what’s correct and what’s not, remember people make judgments and opinions based on whatever information they have at the time, essentially this means that opinions are fluid and changing all the time. The main takeaway should really be that you need to pick and choose very carefully who and what information you take onboard and use for your decision making.

Walking on a Loose Leash

Loose Leash Walking Let’s talk about loose leash walking…   Does your dog pull on the leash? If so then the walk is neither good for the dog nor enjoyable for you. It’s generally a sign that you and your dog are not paying enough attention to each...

Therapy Dog Training

When thinking of therapy dog training there are may things to consider. If you have a small dog that you would like to use to make people smile, then dog training for therapy is an excellent idea for your dog. There are many organizations that could use a great dog so...