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Dog Training

. The Miami Dog Trainer Way!
Miami Dog Trainer Andy Murphy says “Dog training can be an extremely rewarding pursuit for both you and your dog, there is literally nothing like a well trained dog that is happy, confident and comfortable in themselves”

Why Us?
Andy Murphy is a nationally-certified dog trainer through the highly-respected Animal Behavior College and also a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Being a Miami Dog Trainer comes with it’s own challenges, Andy tackles them all with ease.

We only use positive training methods which are scientifically proven to create faster long lasting results for your dog or puppy, it’s also a LOT of fun too!
So What Is Positive Training?
Positive training is not a scientific term.

You will not find it in any scientific journals, and you will most certainly hear it being mischaracterized by those who do not fully understand it.

When we at Miami Puppy Training refer to the power of positive training or you hear Andy describe himself as a positive trainer, we are incorporating several philosophies, methods and levels of awareness on certain misunderstood topics which cumulatively add up to the idea of what we refer to as positive training.
Dog Training Using Positive Only Methods
The Five Principle of Positive Training:

The use of positive reinforcement
Avoiding the use of intimidation, physical punishment or fear
A comprehension of the often misunderstood concept of dominance
A commitment to understanding the canine experience from the dog’s point of view
Keep dog training sessions short and fun!

Different learning styles
If you learn more easily through observation, you’re probably advised to watch Andy (Miami Dog Trainer) demonstrate the skills used to teach your dog new behaviors.

If you need more emphasis on detailed verbal or written instructions, or prefer jumping right in with some coaching from the trainer. In your home, a trainer is able to adapt their teaching method, lesson plans, and expectations of progress according to your preferred style to maximize your learning potential.

The personal touch – In a private training session, the dog trainer focuses on only you and your dog. You have that trainer’s undivided attention to help you hone your training skills, answer all your questions, and address any challenges you may be facing while working with your dog.

Customized training packages – Your dog may already know how to wait politely for the food bowl and drop items on cue, but is a nightmare walking on leash and greeting guests to the house is a constant struggle. With one-on-one instruction, our trainer can create a custom curriculum that focuses on the behaviors that you consider the highest priority.

It’s possible that your home environment poses challenges to your dog’s success that are best addressed on-site. For example, a dog might be able to learn and demonstrate perfect recalls and sit-stays in a training center or neutral setting, but be far too distracted by the barking dogs or children jumping on a trampoline next door to perform these behaviors at home. When a trainer can observe the unique training challenges present in your home, she can offer techniques for conquering them in a much more efficient way, reducing your frustration with your dog’s lack of compliance.

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